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Why Acoustic Plaster?

Poor acoustics; a situation when sound becomes noise, a beautiful historic or modern building becomes echoey. The ambience is compromised with intense reverberation as sound bounces from one hard surface to the next; visitors start whispering and instantly they notice the echo and the noise!

More seriously in educational and office situations such as lecture theatres, halls and open plan office areas, students and workers become agitated as concentration levels are compromised. In large open areas such as Airports and Underground rail networks, it is noticeable to see people heading for the information boards as indistinguishable announcements reverberate around the hard walls, floors and ceilings.

Quiet Interiors offer specialist consultation and installation to address all acoustical challenges across the UK.

BASWA Acoustic Ceiling

What Is Acoustic Plaster?

Acoustic Plasters have been around for several years and is designed to optimise the acoustics of interior spaces. Acoustic plaster is required in environments where noise reverberation needs to be reduced, such as commercial environments such as shopping centres and theatres; able to absorb sound energy, where as standard plaster will reflect it, this energy absorption significantly reduces reverberation creating clearer speech and music. We have installed many seamless plaster solutions throughout the UK, in various types of places such as universities, restaurants, office spaces, entrance halls, museums, libraries, dining areas as well as some very exclusive private residences. 

For historical buildings, our acoustic plaster solutions can be coloured to ensure the heritage authorities are able to bring the building back to life and increase the use of the building without sacrificing appearances. As the UK’s premier acoustic plaster solutions provider we offer a full vertical solution, from consultation through to supply and installation. We use market leading products, some of which we have helped develop, to achieve significant sound absorption with a seamless finish. 

Acoustic Plaster for English heritage
Acoustic Plaster Ceilings in a home

The Benefits of Acoustic Plaster

Quiet Interiors Acoustic Plaster is one of the best acoustic treatments on the market. It can be applied to the ceiling area of a room or walls where it absorbs sound and reduces reverberation. This seamless acoustic ceiling system improves the clarity of sound, making it an ideal solution for theatres, schools, conference facilities and other spaces where good acoustics is important.

The BASWA Acoustic plaster system is fibreglass boards together with acoustic plaster which can be sprayed or hand applied. This specially formulated plaster is developed in Switzeland specifically to be applied to BASWA Acoustic boards to provide a seamless finish with excellent acoustic properties.

This complete system is the perfect way to improve your building design. It enables the creation of a clean, fresh appearance with excellent acoustic qualities. The correct control of sound will deaden unwanted noise and create a calmer and more pleasant environment. The plaster creates a clean flat smooth surface. It can be applied to to flat or curved surfaces vertical or horizontal.

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Acoustic plaster in public spaces

Acoustic Plaster Direct to Grid

Most acoustic ceiling systems are in a grid system. BASWA now manufacture BASWA DTG, a high performance acoustic ceiling panels ideal for use on such a grid system. Our seamless acoustic ceiling system is finished with acoustic plaster which gives a completely seamless finish thus transforming the aesthetes in your room.

The system is very flexible and can be installed in different thicknesses depending on the budget and performance requirements. Call us to discuss your project and which products would be ideal for you call 01727-648840,