Acoustic Plaster Ceilings

Acoustic Plaster Ceilings in a home

Effective acoustic ceiling solutions

Effective acoustic solutions are becoming increasingly important in modern architecture. Even during the planning stage, ways to positively influence the sound of a room as inconspicuously as possible is a major consideration.

Quiet Interiors range of acoustic plaster systems offer more than just outstanding technical performance and the best sound environment. All options include technical and on-site support, experianced installers and acoustic calculations for your project.

It's hard to imagine modern architecture without large, clean, seamless surfaces. BASWA Acoustic plaster allows you to create these types of sound-absorbent walls and ceilings, in situations where they must be suspended to reduce room height, accommodate services or to achieve a certain aesthetic.

As well as being an excellent solution for those wishing to obtain a clean, flat ceiling, the system can also be used to achieve sharp and consistent joints at upstands. You can even maximise your creativity by including seamless, inclined planes or curves, all without any worry about cracks appearing in the years to come.

Sometimes suspended or mounted acoustic systems do not suit the interior space - for example, in historical or listed buildings. Our acoustic plaster systems are as easy to apply as classical plasters, but in addition, they positively influence room acoustics and provide a special textured appearance.