Acoustic Plaster Product Advantages

Acoustic Ceiling Products

Advantage of acoustic plaster ceiling products

Here at Quiet Interiors, we are the UKs leading acoustic plastering experts. We work across the country, from London to Manchester to deliver high quality Acoustic plastering and rendering solutions for businesses and homeowners. We can also provide soundproofing. Whether it’s for your home, commercial property, restaurant or retail environment, soundproofing can be an invaluable addition. Sound carries, and with it comes distraction, and unwanted interruptions to your activities. Whether that’s watching TV at home, or eating a meal in a restaurant. But did you know that sound proofing can be much easier than you expected to install? With acoustic plaster, you could easily soundproof your entire property. So how does this work? And what are the advantages of acoustic plaster?

What is acoustic plaster?

Acoustic plaster is a plaster option that contains fibres, which can absorb the sound. Mineral wool is a key component for one leading brand of acoustic plaster. The fibrous element is applied in a base coat, with a finishing coat over the top.

Alternatively, some acoustic plasters only require a single coat, and can be sprayed directly onto the surface or the substrate. This is helpful for rooms with unusual shaped walls, as it helps to get an even coat.

Finally, acoustic plaster can also be supplied in a plasterboard form. So that regular, rectangular and square shaped rooms can benefit from an easy to install plasterboard option


Advantages of acoustic plaster

So what are the advantages of acoustic plaster? Well, there are several, including:

  • An open plan space that uses this acoustic plaster will not have to be designed in a certain way to prevent noise travelling. This makes it perfect for retail spaces, restaurants and offices.

  • With so many ways to install acoustic plaster, it can suit any property. Old or new.

  • Acoustic plaster can also be applied to the ceiling, so that in rooms covered in glass windows, or tiles, the sound can still be absorbed by the plaster.

  • Can be applied to one single room, or the whole property

For more information about acoustic plaster and soundproof plasterboard options, get in touch with the experts today, here at Quiet Interiors.